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Financial Planning

1. Financial Planning Process

Financial review, some call this a fact find, we call it getting to know you and your goals.

Financial Plan & Implementation, we do a life plan for you and your family, this takes all of the financial information and goals and puts it into a very comprehensive cashflow .

Annual review, this is important , as you get older your circumstances change and so to do your goals. We see what has changed and update your life plan each year.

2. Financial Planning Approach

Retirement Planning , from the Financial review and the information you have given us we will create a comprehensive Life time Financial plan. We will review this plan at our regular planning meetings.

Protection: Part of your plan will be to put in place sufficient Life cover and income protection to protect you and your dependents from now until your retirement . We will implement this cover on your behalf at the lowest rates in the Irish Market with the minimum of paperwork or medical requirements depending on your age and the amount of cover required.

Voyant Financial Planning

3. Investing

Investing is simple: Control the things you can control.

Three Fundamental elements we can control when investing are:

  1. RISK- (the amount of risk that is appropriate for you to take).
  2. Structure- How to effectively construct and manage your investment portfolio.
  3. Costs , Charges and Taxes minimise these and enhance the value in your portfolio.

Voyant Investing

At FitzGerald Flynn we look at investment through seven steps:

The seven steps to investment success are:

·         Step 1:  Enlist the help of an expert financial adviser- a skilled impartial, fee / commission-

                based adviser will keep you on track during your financial journey.

·         Step 2: Understand your relationship with money.

·         Step 3: Be clear on your life plans and your short-medium- and long term

Financial goals.

·         Step 4: Think about your tolerance for risk and understand the risks around investment to

ensure a smooth ride.

·         Step 5: Together with your financial adviser, create a robust financial plan to meet your


·         Step 6: As your Financial Adviser we will build an intelligently constructed portfolio

concentrating on asset allocation and diversification. We also only invest in low-cost,

passive fund managers such as Dimensional and ensure your costs are minimised to

improve your chances of a successful investment experience. As part of this service

we re-balance your portfolio to maintain your agreed risk level on an on-going basis.

·         Step 7: Keep your discipline be patient. Wait for your investments to deliver their long term

expected return.