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Overseas Pensions, UK Pensions, QROPS

Returning emigrants should be aware that the conditions governing any possibility to transfer or access pension savings established in a jurisdiction outside of Ireland will be determined primarily by the rules and regulations applying to pension transfers in that jurisdiction.

Over 350,000 people living in Ireland have at some stage lived/worked in the UK. While working in the UK, many people have built a considerable amount of UK pension investments, i.e. state pension, employer pensions and defined benefit schemes. When leaving the UK to move back to Ireland, these accrued benefits may have been left behind. From our experience, many people are not aware of their UK pension entitlements and often forgo the opportunity to obtain the benefits to which they are entitled.

There are three different pensions that we assist on:

  1. UK State Pension
  2. Employer UK Pension - public and private sector
  3. Private UK Pension

We track and trace your benefits for State, Employer and Personal Pensions on your behalf.


For those who worked in the Public Sector in the UK, you may have deferred benefits in an unfunded Superannuation Pension Scheme.

We will find out what the projected value of these benefits will be.

Together, we can review the options that you have, which include:

  1. Retaining your Defined Benefit Pension in the UK
  2. Transferring your pension to your Irish Employer Scheme
  3. Transferring to a personal pension in Ireland
  4. Transferring to a different jurisdiction


If you have a private pension in the UK, we can get current valuation and assess the investments.

We can repatriate these funds to Ireland if appropriate.

Further details available from your financial adviser