Savings & Investments -

Savings & Investments

People save for various reasons:

  • Investing funds that have been inherited, saved or earned
  • Establishing a fund for your children's education
  • Investing your Tax-free lump sum at retirement
  • Building up of a 'Rainy Day' / Emergency Fund

Whether you are making provision for an upcoming event or just saving for the longer-term it pays to be organised and thorough impartial investment advice is a crucial element in ensuring that your funds are invested in a way that reflects your needs and attitude to risk.

The challenge is to help you achieve your goals within your Investment Portfolio at a risk level acceptable to you. The diagram below broadly indicates the relationship between risk and return in respect of the different asset classes.

At FitzGerald Flynn we use Model Portfolios using modern portfolio construction methodologies which are implemented using a range of funds managed by Dimensional Fund Advisers.

These portfolios are based around equity and fixed income (Bond) components, and employ active rebalancing rules to ensure consistent adherence to risk tolerances that match investor's requirements, as you will have identified with one of our Financial Advisers.

At FitzGerald Flynn we have five Model Portfolios:

  • Ultra Defensive Portfolio Risk Rating 2
  • Defensive Portfolio Risk Rating 3
  • Balanced Portfolio Risk Rating 4
  • Equity Focus Portfolio Risk Rating 5
  • Targeted Equity Portfolio Risk Rating 6