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Pros and cons

Is Early Retirement Right for You?

September 13, 2023

As trusted authorities in insurance advice, pension guidance, and financial planning, we at FitzGerald Flynn Insurances like to cover all bases when it comes to securing your future and formulating the right path for your financial decisions going forward.

In today’s blog we're here to unravel the mysteries of retiring early. Imagine a life without the morning commute hustle—a life where you call the shots, sip your coffee leisurely, and pursue your passions without restraint. Early retirement presents an enticing prospect, but before you take the leap, it's crucial to unpack the potential benefits and challenges that come with it. Settle in, and let's dive into the realm of early retirement to discern if it's the right move for you.

The Pros of Early Retirement

The Gift of Time

Early retirement isn't just about ending the nine-to-five grind. It's about embracing a life enriched by the gift of time. Imagine waking up without the blaring alarm clock, savouring your morning coffee without the rush, and setting your own pace for the day. Whether you're pursuing hobbies, embarking on spontaneous getaways, or simply relishing quality moments with family and friends, the flexibility early retirement offers can transform the mundane into the extraordinary. 

Prioritise Health and Happiness

It's no secret that the demands of a busy career can take a toll on your health and overall well-being. Early retirement can usher in a world of reduced stress and improved mental and physical health. This positive shift can lead to improved sleep, lower blood pressure, and enhanced emotional well-being. By prioritising your health, you're investing in a future that's not only enjoyable but also sustainable.

Unearth New Avenues

Early retirement doesn't necessarily mean bidding farewell to the workforce; it can mark the beginning of a new chapter. With ample time on your hands, you have the opportunity to explore second careers, delve into entrepreneurial ventures, or immerse yourself in projects that have always intrigued you. This phase can be a chance for personal growth, professional development, and even financial gains. By capitalising on your skills, passions, and the experience you've accumulated over the years, you can carve out a path that's both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

In a nutshell, early retirement offers a canvas upon which you can paint a life enriched with flexibility, improved well-being, new opportunities, and treasured connections. However, as with any major life decision, it's crucial to balance these enticing benefits with a thorough understanding of the potential challenges. Let's explore the other side of the coin: the cons of early retirement and how they can impact your financial landscape and long-term plans.

The Cons of Early Retirement

While the allure of early retirement is undeniable and its many benefits are obvious to most, it comes with a set of financial considerations that merit careful contemplation. One of the most significant challenges is managing your finances to sustain your desired lifestyle throughout retirement. Retiring early means relying on your savings and pension funds earlier than initially planned, potentially requiring a longer period of financial support.

Savings Depletion

Retiring early may lead to the depletion of your savings more quickly than if you were to retire at a later age. It's important to assess whether your savings can provide for your needs, including unforeseen expenses, healthcare costs, and inflation over an extended retirement period.

Pension Pondering

Accessing your pension funds earlier than expected can have implications for your long-term financial security. Depending on the type of pension scheme you have, early withdrawals might impact the overall size of your pension pot and subsequently affect the income you receive during retirement.

Longevity Risk 

Retiring early may extend the number of years you'll be relying on your retirement savings. With increased life expectancy, there's a risk that your savings might not be sufficient to cover your expenses for the entirety of your retirement.

While the cons of early retirement shed light on potential hurdles, they are not insurmountable. With strategic planning, financial discipline, and professional guidance, you can mitigate these challenges and make informed decisions that align with your aspirations and long-term security. Crafting a comprehensive retirement strategy that accounts for potential pitfalls will ensure that your early retirement journey remains both fulfilling and financially stable.

Pensions and Early Retirement:

When it comes to early retirement planning in Ireland, it's crucial to understand the various pension options and how retiring ahead of the curve can impact your financial future. Below we'll take a look at three primary types of pensions – PRSA (Personal Retirement Saving Accounts), Defined Contribution Occupational Pension Schemes, and the State Pension – to shed light on when you can retire, the effects of early retirement, and when you can start drawing down on your pension pot.

Personal Retirement Saving Accounts (PRSA):

PRSAs are individual pension plans designed to help you save for retirement. In Ireland, The earliest age at which you can retire and access your PRSA funds is age 50, however, this is only an option in specific situations. Between age 60 and 75 is the usual time to take your retirement benefits. Retiring at age 50 might lead to reduced PRSA payouts due to the shorter accumulation period. It's essential to assess your PRSA plan's terms and conditions and work with a financial adviser to optimise your retirement strategy.

Defined Contribution Occupational Pension Schemes:

Defined Contribution (DC) occupational pension schemes are employer-sponsored pension plans. The earliest age to retire and access your DC pension pot is usually age 50, given there has been both employer and trustee approval and consent. As with a PRSA, retirement benefits are normally accessed between age 60 and 75.

Early Retirement Impact: Early retirement from a DC pension scheme can lead to reduced benefits, as you'll have contributed for fewer years. The reduction in benefits varies depending on your scheme's rules. The maximum amount that can be held in a DC pension fund is €2 million. If you wish to claim your pension early, you can do so by claiming a maximum of €500,000 upfront. €200,000 of this can be claimed tax-free, while the remaining €300k is taxed at 20%. The remaining amount left in the pension must then be moved to an ARF (Approved Retirement Fund). To learn more about this process, check out our previous blog A Comprehensive Guide to Retirement Planning.

State Pension:

The official age to receive the State Pension in Ireland is 66. You cannot start to claim your State Pension before this. However, when you are creating your early retirement blueprint, it is important to factor in that you will start to receive this additional income later down the line. 

Retirement Planning Scenario: The Importance of Starting Early

Let's embark on a hypothetical journey with Sarah and John, two individuals with aspirations of early retirement at age 55. Both aim for an annual retirement income of €50,000 to sustain them for three decades of leisure and financial comfort. Their stories illustrate the fundamental importance of commencing pension planning early in life.

Sarah's Early Start:

Meet Sarah, a forward-thinking individual who began her pension savings journey at the age of 28. With an ambitious goal of retiring at 55, she has an impressive 27-year timeframe to accumulate the funds necessary for her envisioned retirement lifestyle.

Starting early is her secret weapon. With the magic of compound interest working in her favour, Sarah can make the most of her investments over time. Assuming an annual growth rate of 5%, Sarah will need to contribute approximately €672 per month to achieve her annual retirement income goal of €50,000.

Sarah's prudent approach not only showcases her commitment but also highlights a critical principle: the earlier you begin, the more you can leverage the power of compound growth to reach your retirement goals.

John's Decisive Move:

On the other hand, we have John, who decided to embark on his pension journey over a decade later at age 40. With a desire for an early retirement at 55 and a comparable annual income target of €50,000, John faces a different set of challenges.

Starting at 40 means he has a shorter time frame – 15 years – to accumulate his retirement funds. To achieve the same annual retirement income as Sarah, John will need to contribute approximately €1,355 per month. His contributions are higher than Sarah's due to the shorter period for his investments to grow.

While John's goal is achievable, it highlights a crucial lesson: the longer you wait to start your pension planning, the more you may need to invest monthly to reach your retirement income objectives.

Sarah and John's scenarios serve as a basic illustration of the paramount importance of initiating pension planning early in life. By starting early, individuals can maximise the benefits of compound interest and potentially reach their retirement income goals with more manageable monthly additional savings and investments. Therefore, consulting with a qualified financial adviser, like FitzGerald Flynn Insurances, is essential to create a comprehensive retirement plan tailored to your specific circumstances.

How FitzGerald Flynn Help Can You Achieve Early Retirement:

As you stand on the precipice of early retirement, the delicate dance between your aspirations and your financial resources comes into focus. Crafting a retirement that aligns with your dreams while ensuring your financial security requires careful consideration and expert guidance. Let's explore how we can create a blueprint that paves the way for a fulfilling and financially sustainable retirement.

Assessing Financial Readiness

Taking Stock of Your Savings: The first step in crafting an early retirement plan is to assess your current savings. We delve into the numbers, analysing your investment accounts, pension funds, and other assets to determine if they can sustain your desired lifestyle through retirement.

Understanding Your Expenses: A clear understanding of your projected expenses post-retirement is pivotal. We work together to outline the costs you're likely to incur, from daily living expenses to discretionary spending and potential healthcare costs.

Crafting a Retirement Budget

Building a Realistic Budget: With a clear picture of your expenses, we create a retirement budget that reflects your lifestyle aspirations while accounting for the financial realities of early retirement. This budget serves as a roadmap, helping you allocate funds wisely and make informed choices.

Factoring in Inflation: Inflation is an inevitable part of the financial landscape. We integrate inflation considerations into your budget to ensure that the purchasing power of your funds remains intact over the years.

A Holistic Approach to Financial Planning

Investment Strategies for Early Retirement: Early retirement requires a strategic approach to investing. We tailor an investment strategy that balances risk and reward, considering both short-term needs and long-term growth potential.

Emergency Fund Planning: Unexpected expenses can arise at any point in life. We guide you in establishing and maintaining an emergency fund to provide a safety net during unforeseen circumstances.

Redefining Your Retirement Vision

Exploring Second Acts: Early retirement doesn't signify the end of productivity—it's an opportunity for reinvention. We explore potential second careers, part-time pursuits, or volunteer opportunities that can add purpose and supplemental income to your retirement years.

Maintaining Financial Discipline: Early retirement requires disciplined financial habits. We offer strategies to manage your finances prudently, ensuring that your retirement journey is free from unnecessary financial stress.

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As your partners in crafting your ideal retirement, we at FitzGerald Flynn are committed to providing tailored guidance that empowers you to make informed choices. Your dreams are the palette, and your finances are the canvas—we're here to help you create a masterpiece that paints a fulfilling and financially secure retirement.

Deciding on early retirement involves navigating a complex web of financial decisions, legal considerations, and personal aspirations. We're here to guide you every step of the way. Reach out to us via our contact page to schedule a consultation. Let's work together to create a retirement plan that supports your dreams while securing your financial future.

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