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Retirement Uncertainty

The Three Main Unknowns of Retirement

July 1, 2021

LONGEVITY – we may have period life expectancy tables to give the average life expectancy, but, nobody lives an average life and knows exactly when they are going to die.

INFLATION – since 1900, average inflation has been 4.32% pa, but the highest one-year rate was +23.32% and we had deflation of -26.02% in one year

MARKET RETURNS – over the same period, the average return from a balanced portfolio before inflation has been 8.7% per annum but the annual variation in returns is massive, with the best positive return in one year being +90.7% and the worst -33.7%

We are all living longer and our pensions will need to last longer, your pension might be needed to last 30+ years, this cannot be done without careful pension planning. Call one of our Financial Planners today , don’t put off today what you think you can do tomorrow, call us at Fitzgerald Flynn 01-2122895

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